Open Financebeyond the regulations

Open Finance
beyond the regulations

At Sensedia, our knowledge and API expertise ensures your digital transformation is fully supported. Learn more about Open Banking and how we can help you develop and apply the best strategy for your business

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Full set of solutions for financial business

Open Banking

The growth of digital banks and fintech companies has put the traditional banking model under pressure to change. New competitors constantly appear with more agile digital proposals, massively using data to generate insights and provide customized products and services, maximizing the user experience.

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Bank as a Service

Banks that collaborate with fintechs can extend their capabilities and services, enhancing their offerings, expanding sources of revenue/customer engagement and adopting shorter cycles of experimentation and learning.

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Instant payments

Instant payments will provide faster transactions for customers, and represent a crucial game change in the financial services industry. To be part of that, it’s important to build your own ecosystem or be suitable to enter an ecosystem such as PIX in Brazil or Faster Payments Services in the UK.

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What is Open Banking?

Current model

Banking Current model

Open Banking model

Open Banking model

Four Pillars of Open banking

API design & building

API design & building

Data consumption is paramount to formulating an Open Banking strategy. API adds value and how it aligns with a company’s strategic goals and objectives should be the top priorities for all API strategies.

Banking New Partners

New Partners

’Open’ model is not about competition, but about creating ecosystems and expanding the customer experience. Merging partner data and providing highly personalised products and services is crucial in Open Banking

Governance and compliance

Governance and compliance:
API platform add-ons

In order to risk manage any data liability issues between banks and TPPs, such as a security breach or an unauthorised transaction, data and open transaction providers are legally obliged to inform customers how their data is being used, how they can control it, how it is stored and how the company is audited.

Security & consent Banking

Security & consent

It’s mandatory for companies providing data (via APIs) to comply with a number of security and access management regulations, ensuring there’s a clear understanding about who is consuming the data and where it is flowing to.

Why Sensedia Open banking

Developing manual integration will not deliver the necessary scalability, and governance will be more complex.
API platforms have modules designed to improve workflow governance.

Sensedia Open banking

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At Sensedia, we help financial services companies dive into digital transformation with all the knowledge and support that only an API expert can offer

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Open Banking 2.0 Webinar

Open Banking 2.0: where are we and what comes next?

Open Banking is a subject that has been pushing financial institutions to innovate and create new solutions for their customers.

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Bank as a Service

Looking beyond financial and bank services, engage with partners to offer bank services for several industries.


Integrate with other business and create new revenue streams with high volume of transactions and Monthly Recurring Revenue

Systems integrations

Easily connect through APIs with different partners, and keep your business rules protected.

Banking Services marketplaces

Building marketplaces offering banking services is one of the main predictions for the next few years.

Bank as a Service

Instant Payments

A set of solutions to enable Instant Payments technology for direct participants, and also to provide to indirect participants Instant Payments API as a product.

Accelerate your Instant Payments project with Sensedia Platform

- Instant Payments API pattern (unlinked from PSTI)
- API Gateway
- Connectors for PSTI (Matera, JD Consultores, Autbank, etc)
- Developer Portal template
- Business and performance Dashboards
- Preset warnings
- SaaS model with federated agents

Accelerate your Instant Payments project with Professional Services

- Instant Payments Consulting Playbook: focused on design

- Instant Payments Consulting Playbook: focused on delivery

Operate / Sustain Instant Payments projects

- Consulting Playbook: Developer Experience for Instant Payments projects

- Consulting Playbook: API Governance for Instant Payments projects

- Consulting Playbook: API Care for Instant Payments projects- specialized technical support offered by Sensedia

Committed to supporting companies in the discovery process and in the adaptation to the new scenario, Sinqia - a leading technology and innovation provider for the financial sector in the Brazil, has joined forces with Sensedia, the main API Management vendor in Latin America, to offer the first integrated and simplified solution for the implementation and consolidation of Open Finance in Brazilian institutions.

The partnership between Sensedia and Sinqia addresses Open Finance in a complete way, from regulation and its deadlines to the possibility of exploring new business models, innovation, ecosystem and revenue channels.

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API Management - PSD2 and Open Banking

Why you should care about API Management under PSD2 and Open Banking context

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Bank as a Platform

Bank as a Platform
APIs and how they support banks and fintechs' strategies

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Open Banking  Sensedia and Fintech Finance

Open Banking
Sensedia and
Fintech Finance

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